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Guide to find the perfect dog for your family

by Vibhuti Gupta, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

While bringing home a pet, you must always remember that you are not buying a pet but also bring home a family-member. And undoubtedly, the four-pawed family members are the most loving of all.

No one will love you more than you four-pawed family member!

Where many people believe that a Labrador or Golden Retriever are some of the best family-dogs, there are many more breeds which may suit your family more than a Retriever or a Lab.

In order to make sure that you adopt the most suitable dog-breed for your family, here are some dog-breeds which are the most ideal family dogs:

American Water Spaniel

Originally bred for hunting, these dogs are great swimmers and super affectionate towards their owners. They also on high alert around strangers, making them great watchdogs!


Highly energetic and over friendly, Beagles are a YES to every family! As a hound, they might come across as a little stubborn but they're great companions for all ages!

Boston Terrier

They're also known as The American Gentleman due to their tuxedo-like marking. Originally bred as fighting dogs, they turned out to amazingly love. Don't under estimate their size as they’re highly intelligent and full of energy!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

By going over their looks, you can make out that they love to cuddle! Easy to train and with an appetite for games, what more do you need?

Golden Retriever

Well, this list would have been incomplete without him. This breed is your quintessential family dog. Having one of them is like having an all-rounder great pet who is smart, even-tempered, easy to train, and friendly.

So which bundle of joy are you bringing home? Stay tuned for more pet care-related updates.


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