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Kim Kardashian draws inspiration from Japanese Lingerie

by , Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Very famous reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has taken inspiration from from Japanese style for  the production of her latest lingerie line.

Kim had previously also introduced her own perfume bottle.

Kim’s own company has filed papers to get the trademark of "Kimono Intimates". This name totally reminds us of Japanese style.kim kardashian

The purpose is to create a new line with the given name and launch leotards, pasties, socks, breast shapers and nightgowns. Sounds interesting, right? We’re hoping to get some summery colours on each of these clothes. Let’s see how it turns out to be.

Kim went to Japan a few months earlier, in February. That’s where she must have got the idea to launch a new venture. Kimono is a broad-sleeved robe customary outfit within Japan. This sounds exciting. I’m sure you’re curious to know how the new line will look like. Lets just wait and watch.


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