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Meet 6 Lifestyle Bloggers who can change your life and mindset

by , Friday, May 11, 2018

We live in the cyber century where internet is inundated with numerous blogs and vlogs. We have so much information available in a few clicks, thats its nearly impossible to not check out those interesting websites. 

Each blogger here teaches something unique.

Whether you’re looking forward to change your lifestyle or update your fashion sense, you can rely upon the blogs available online. However, we handpicked some of the best lifestyle bloggers for you to create and enjoy some brilliant content and lifestyle changes.

Devyani Kapoor's Breviloquentlifestyle bloggers

She focuses on ethical, eco-friendly as well as local fashion. Devyani works in association with several fashion brands. This girl has made her blog a nice platform for promotion of eco-friendly fashion which is good for everyone. What is she fond of? Kolkata, peppy accessories and sarees.

Nilu Yuleena Thapa’s bighairloudmouthlifestyle bloggers

Nilu is lively and chirpy which reflects on her blog and vlogs. She talks about fashion, beauty and makeup. It is fun It is fun and quirky to read and watch. Her blogs and vlogs are relatable and she appears to be approachable. As you can see her hair colour. She changes it quite often. Want some advice on hair colour? Get it from Nilu.

Sherry Shroff’s vagabomblifestyle bloggers

Scherezade Shroff Talwar is one of the most YouTubers when it comes to beauty, fashion and lifestyle themes. Remember Anaita Shroff Adajania? Sherry is the sister of this pretty fashion director at Vogue India. You can vouch upon her credibility. However, she has earned her own name and fame due to her candid, fun and real vlogs.

Shramona Poddar’s mishti.and.meatlifestyle bloggers

One look at Shramona's Instagram profile and you’ll know she loves travelling to the mountains and more places. Her blog is titled mishit.and. meat that revolves around travel stories which are grounded, real and down-to-earth.  If you like to explore the place and culture while travelling instead of plush hotels and clubs, then go for it. Being a bong, she totally loves meat and mishti.

Larissa Dsa’s felizland/instagramlifestyle bloggers

Being a traveller, you’ll find her blogs to be sprinkled with aesthetic and beautiful photographs. Her pictures are so real that they seem to be taken by a professional photographer wherever she travels. Actually she travels with her partner and they capture adventures together.

Neelakshi Singh’s plumptorettylifestyle bloggers

Neelakshi’s blogs are vibrant, quirky, edgy and fun. She has embraced her body and teaches self-love in some of the most brilliant ways. She doesn’t try to be someone she’s not and that’s what we love. Her personality is vivacious to look at. I’m sure you’ll love her content.

Enjoy great content, useful information, fashion inspiration and create travel itineraries after surfing through these awesome blogs created by talented bloggers. You will learn a great deal, stay abreast of latest updates and also change the way you live life by taking daily tips from these content divas.


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