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Office Accessorising: Glam up your boardroom attire in 5 simple ways

by , Friday, November 10, 2017

Experimenting with jewellery pieces for official business can be a tricky affair as it involves the right material choice so as not to appear too casual or overstated at the same time.

Keeping jewellery at work simple and elegant is the key, say experts.

Fashion experts—Raminder Singh and Pallavi Foley, have tipped our loyal readers with some trending styles as well as all-time fashion to help you get the right office look. Check out the products from bluestone.com and their prices in the buying links provided.

Elegance over Flashy


Nothing is too much or too little as long as the wearer carries it off without any hassle. And if you absolutely must, then choose elegance over flashy fashion. It may be a good idea to avoid anything invoking political or religious sentiments.

Just keep accessorising, but to the minimum.

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For Interviews


Choosing what jewellery to wear to an interview depends on what outfit you are complementing. Always keep it simple by going for subtle pieces like gold studs, pearls and diamonds.

The key mission is to avoid anything that may distract the interview panel. As much as you may want to, stay away flashy pieces like drop or chandelier earrings. Instead, go for smaller hoops and finer details.

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Play With Colours


To a monochrome outfit, add a splash of colour—maybe in the form of a pair of earrings or a gemstone hand ring or a statement neckpiece. Colourful jewellery can instantly jazz up a regular work outfit. Given the many instances of how boardroom dressing continues to evolve, one can be a lot experimental in the look.

However, remember they should not state that very in-your-face image and most importantly should not discomfort you or your colleagues in any way. This manner, the select statement pieces could happily become your wardrobe staple.

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For Conferences


Usually a very formal and sober affair, work-related conferences are those times when you represent your team and your company. No matter what, big and flashy collections are a big no. This is what the simplicity principle is greatly advised for.

Consider wearing a single bracelet and simple studs while avoiding anything with heavy work, such as enamel or coloured stones. Plain diamond jewellery or a string of pearls are good options that go well with formal outfits.

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Ring for Cocktail


Office parties, today, are entering into a hot white gold trend. Pair your evening wear with a stylish cocktail ring and a chunky bold necklace.

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While it is recommended to still throw some caution into the air when dressing up (office party, after all), find decent ways to jazz up an ordinary outfit with some gorgeous accessories. Happy officially chilling!

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