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Paint the pouts red with the perfect Red Lipstick for your Skin Tone

by , Tuesday, February 06, 2018

One day we go neutral, the other day bold and fiery. Yes, I mean lipsticks. Be it a hot date or a girls night out, we reserve our favourite red lipsticks for a special occasion. But does the colour of red lipstick really suit you? Do you know there are different shades of red lipsticks to choose from? 

Paint the pouts red like Blake lively or Rihanna, according to skin tone.

Picking the right red lipstick depends on the skin tone. Discussing a variety of complexion based reds to compliment your pouts; I will help you make the right decision with a few helpful tips to remember.  

Pink Complexion

red lipstick

If you have a rosy complexion, let us help you find the right colour for you. For pink undertones, you should opt for pink-based reds or blue-based reds such as raspberry. These shades will compliment your complexion by highlighting the pink tones and give you a pretty smile.  


red lipstick

Well, there are two types of fair complexion: pink and yellow tones. Don’t get me wrong because yellow doesn’t imply jaundice yellow shade. It just means light complexions with a warm tone. To perk it up, you can go for slightly orange based reds, though not over the top. A shade like mild orange highlights the golden tones to brighten up your face. 


red lipstick

Also known as medium complexions, you have a tendency to get a suntan easily and also lose the tan. So, the preference depends on the season. When basking in the sun, try fiery orange-toned reds. This will beautify the sexy bronze tone while lending radiance to your complexion. 


red lipstick

Olive complexions are somewhat yellow-green undertone which is prone to tanning, pretty easily. A brick and rust-hued red will compliment your skin tone. Pick earthy shades to lend warmth to your skin tone with effortless blending into your skin. 


red lipstick

Don’t you simply love the name caramel itself? Imagine Beyonce wearing reds. Yes, a caramel  complexions have yellow undertones. Pick the finest cherry reds to compliment your face that would make your smile pop. 

Golden Deep Complexion 

red lipstick

Golden dusky complexions have somewhat yellow undertones. If you thought that you have few options to try then you’re wrong. With your skin tone, you can do a lot of interplay with various colours and makeup. You can experiment with pigment when picking the red lipstick. To dress up bold, go for true reds or orange. If you want a natural look, then blue-based reds will give you the desired look such as plum shades. 

Now that you know the connection between complexion and the right red lipstick shade, you can make wise choices when shopping next time. Valentine’s just round the corner, so pick up a nice dress, colour your pouts red  and you’re ready to steal many hearts.  

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