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These Indian dog-breeds will make your fierce Pitbull feel shy!

by Unik Dhandhi, Monday, May 07, 2018

Dogs are no more about companionship and humanity. Today, people buy dogs as a style-statement. And hence, the craze for Pitbulls and Huskies never end.'

Life with dogs is just 'paw-fect'

Due to breed-based biasness, the lives of dogs have become even more vulnerable. Think about a Siberian Husky-dog who is adopted by someone living in Delhi; the outcomes are that your Husky will start shedding their fur due to extreme heat conditions and won't be happy enough due to an unsuitable environment.

Well! The mistake is not yours. Not even a single breeder will recommend you to adopt a regional/stray breed for petting just because people want dogs for showcasing their wealth not for companionship. But if you think that Indian dog-breeds are any less then you must reconsider your facts after reading this article.

Here are two rare Southern-Indian breeds which will make your fierce Pitbull feel shy:

Poligar HoundDog

Rajapalayam or the Poligar Hound is one of the most capable and smartest dog-breeds of India. The Poligar hound's history dates back to the time when the British Queen ruled our nation and hence, it can be associated with royalty and aristocracy, especially in the town of Rajapalayam (from where its name came). Rajapalayams were initially bred to be hunting and guard dogs. They are trained to be extremely fast, fragile and amazing-hunters. These majestic creatures have white coat, pink nostrils, golden eyes and white eyelashes as some of the standard features.

Kanni DogsDog

Kanni dogs or the Indian Doberman Pinscher, this dog was a famous dowry present in the Southern part of India. In fact, Kanni means an unmarried/virgin girl because of the tradition of gifting it as one of the items in dowry to the bridegroom. This dog cannot be bought or traded but can only be gifted by a family member. They are known for their muscular built and a slim medium-sized body. Yet-another Indian hunting dog, Kanni is one of the most dangerous dog-breeds in the world.

So, next time you adopt a pet for yourself make sure that you buy a suitable breed instead of a fancy and high-maintenance dog-breed. Stay tuned for more pet related updates.


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