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Top 4 Multi-tasking Winter Makeup Essentials

by , Friday, December 29, 2017

This New Year’s, give your skin the extra care, effortless glow and innovative look in the nick of time. Save and splurge with the top 4 multitasking winter makeup essentials for your lovely skin. Consider this list of quick and easy makeup must-haves your well-deserved gift for all the hard-work till date. 

Drench your dry winter skin with the quick and easy beauty miracles which multi-task perfectly to give you the perfect glowing complexion.

Amidst hectic schedules, lots of travel or party preparations; nobody has the time to spend too much time and energy on heavy-duty makeup. We bring you multipurpose makeup essentials that make you look great while saving time, money and energy with the one-in-all miracle. 

3-in-1 Moisturizer-Sunscreen-Foundation

Multi-tasking Makeup

Here is a three-in-one moisturizer with the benefits of sunscreen and foundation packed into one tube. Nurture and nourish your winter skin into soft, smooth, even-toned and sun-safe skin.  Give your face urban care during drying and dehydrating winters with sun protection factors to block UVA-UVB sunrays outdoors coupled with tinted crème formulation. The icing on the cake is that it works as a foundation. Forget the days to worry about carrying a separate sunscreen, foundation and moisturizer. Simply tuck in one product serving every basic skincare need in the nick of time. 

Enriched Colours for Skin

Multi-tasking Makeup

Spruce up your pouts, cheeks and more with the quick and easy color-sticks for the funky look. The modern woman can barely spare any time for heavy-duty makeup. Hence, Color-Sticks come to the rescue. Best to be used as a body contour, lip color for luscious lips, blush-on, eye-shadow and also does the job of a highlighter smoothly well with the Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and cream-to-powder formula that easily blends into your skin making it picture-perfect. From earthy tones to glistening shiny soft pinks to shimmer bronzes. Pick what goes best for your skin.

Liquid Highlighter

Multi-tasking Makeup

Our face loves the instant glow of a highlighter. Add a little shine, light and shimmer to your skin. The liquid highlighter cleverly multi-tasks as an awesome primer and blends with your foundation easily. Want bright eyes? Simply glide a fluid-based highlighter for fresh and awake eyes. Also doubles as a natural eye-shadow.  

BB Cream 

Multi-tasking Makeup

A BB cream is just what you need in your winter beauty kit(or any season) for the perfect makeup coverage, SPF, moisture and redness-reducer benefits. Packed with ample of moisture and sunscreen protection, BB cream works well as a foundation too. Make sure you invest in the right BB cream that covers blemishes and imperfections with dollops of moisture for a supple complexion.  

This New Year’s Eve, revamp your beauty kit with the multi-tasking products for a nourished skin with a sheer glow! Enjoy a wonderful treat for the carefree woman who looks flawless minus the hassles. 


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