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Ways to keep your heavy-coated dog cool during summers!

by Unik Dhandhi, Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Dogs are the cutest part of a family. They love you and follow you everywhere and every time. And in return, we provide them utmost care and attention.

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language

But undoubtedly, even the most caring dog-owners often fail to give proper attention to their four-pawed family members. In fact, dog-breeds which have heavy coating of fur like Siberian Huskies, Saint Bernard and others are likely to get more miserable during summers than other breeds. 

Believing that you really care for your pet/pets, here are some clever ways of keeping your heavy-coated dogs cool during summers:

Ensure hydrationPet

You must ensure that wherever you pet sits or is made to sit, there must be sufficient supply of cold, drinking-water. A dog's body maintains and regulates temperature with their mouth and hence, it is very necessary to provide slightly-chill water for them to drink.

Let 'em splashPet

Not all but few breeds love swimming or splashing into the water. It is a fun-way of letting them regulate their body-temperatures. So, let your dog get wet and dirty this summer for their happiness.

Paw ProtectionPet

During summers, the temperature goes even up to 42 degrees Celsius due to which the indoor marble-floor gets extremely hot. And walking on such a hard, hot floor may damage their sensitive paws. Therefore, make sure that whenever you take your dog for a walk, he/she walks on the grass instead of the pavement.

Canine groomingPet

If you have a German Shepherd or a Siberian Husky or a Saint Bernard then you know the hustle of maintaining their fur coat. And during summers, their fur-problem gets even worse. Heavy-coated big dogs which are meant to survive in extremely cold temperatures begin shedding their fur, once they are made to live in a hot environment. So, it won't be wrong to get your dog's coat trimmed.

Shade is a mustPet

If your pets are fortunate enough to have a veranda or mini-garden around them, and then make sure that your pet has sufficient shade so that they do not come in the contact of direct sunlight. Always ensure that your pet has a nice and cold space for chilling and doing other dog-stuff.


Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, make sure that it is not hot outside. So, the ideal time to take your pet for a walk would be either morning or evening (when the temperature is not too high). And once you are back from a walk, make sure you use a wet-towel for wiping your dog so that he/she cools down rapidly.

Use these above mentioned tricks to ensure a comfortable and happy life for your heavy-coated dog, during Summers. Stay tuned for more pet related updates.


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