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What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

by , Thursday, November 09, 2017

I know that the concept of 'Magical Genie' and '3 wishes' seem to be slight hypothetical. But what if a Genie actually does ask you, your wanderlust wish list? Do you have anything planned? If not, then this article will brush up your 'wish-game'.

There is no greater gift for your loved ones than your love!

From amazing 'beard care kit' to 'women's deodorant kit', this wish list compiles each and every essential item which is equally benefiting for you. Besides the hypothetical concept of 'Magical Genie', you can also gift these items to your loved ones and become an actual 'Genie' in someone else's life:

Beardo King

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

As 'No shave November' is up our sleeves, there is no better gift than beard toning kit. Yes! A complete kit of beard essential products for men who take 'No shave November', a little too seriously. This kit will prove to be an idol gift voucher for the young men in your house or gang.

Buy a man-tastic Beardo Gift Package here!

Face Essential Kit

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

Like Beardo for men, like facial kits for women! Undoubtedly, such a facial kit is the idol gift pack for women. It will make them look more beautiful and feel more confident without the pain and cost of visiting a parlor.

Buy a useful and safe Facial Kit here!

Music Essentials

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

There are only two types of people; those who like music and those who are dead. A good headphone with intense sound and comfort may prove to be an ideal gift for your loved ones. This selected piece from 'Sennheiser' will ensure good quality sound and comfortable when plugged-in.

Buy high quality headphones from Sennheiser here!

Playstation Essentials

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

Boys will be boys, no matter what. As per a survey, more than 70 per cent boys are addicted to their gaming consoles. And if you do not know, games are not cheap neither for Playstation nor for its rival 'XBOX'. There are a lot of options available when it comes to games for you or your loved one's gaming console. So, you may wish or buy cool 'game-discs' for someone else's wish.

Buy a cool game CD here!

Gym Essentials

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

People who take fitness seriously, has unique components in their wish lists. No! We will not advise you to go shopping for gym-weights. In fact, one thing which is not so expensive and will be cherished by your fitness-conscious friend is a gym bag. There are a lot of options available in different-different designs and prints which you can opt to wish or buy for someone who wished for a smart 'gym-bag'.

Buy designer Gym Bags here!

Soft Toy

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

 A huge stuffed and soft teddy bear is already in the wish list of numerous kids, girls and of course women. Such a cuddly bear will ensure that you or your loved one never has to stay alone even while sleeping. A super soft, large teddy bear will be the perfect cuddle buddy for you or your loved ones.

Buy a 5ft Teddy Bear here!

Photo Frames

What to Wish If a Genie Asks You Your Wanderlust List

The perfect way to capture and frame some of the precious memories you spent with your loved ones can be done by gifting him/her an elegant and simple photo frame. Such a photo frame will ensure that all of your memories are framed beautifully and are preserved for the future.

Buy an elegant Photo Frame here!

These gift items are carefully compiled keeping the Indian youths and citizens in mind. This wish list may prove to be helpful in gifting your loved one, an invaluable yet useful item which will surely secure a safe place for you in their hearts.

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