Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter Hits Significant Benchmark in North American Box Office!

Hrithik Roshan’s latest film, “Fighter,” might be facing disappointment in the Indian box office, but it’s making waves in North America. The movie, which carried high expectations, has fallen short in its domestic performance, but its overseas collections, especially in North America, are turning heads.

Known for his international appeal, Hrithik Roshan has cultivated a strong fan base in global markets. This has consistently contributed to the success of his films on the worldwide stage. Even his previous release, “Vikram Vedha,” managed to gross over 40 crores internationally despite facing setbacks in the Indian market. Now, Hrithik is replicating this success with “Fighter.”

The film is making a significant impact in the overseas market and is nearing the 70 crore mark. Notably, the North American box office, encompassing the US and Canada, has played a substantial role in this achievement. In the first week of its theatrical run, “Fighter” has surpassed the $5 million mark in North America, marking a milestone for Hrithik Roshan, as it becomes his first film to achieve this feat.

This accomplishment is commendable, and as the weekend progresses, additional figures are expected to contribute to the film’s success.

On the flip side, the Indian box office performance of “Fighter” has been somewhat underwhelming. After its 7-day run, the film managed to accumulate a net total of 143.85 crores in India. While this figure appears respectable on its own, it pales in comparison when considering factors such as the film’s budget and the exceptional success of director Siddharth Anand’s previous release, “Pathaan.”

It’s worth noting that Hrithik Roshan and Siddharth Anand have a flawless track record with previous collaborations like “Bang Bang” and “War,” both of which were massive hits. The underperformance of HR’s latest release is, therefore, a disappointing deviation from their usual success.

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