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The movie is set in the last few years of Ice Age, and is about a boy who is stuck into wilderness. A young Keda who is being portrayed by Kodi Smit-McPhee, is injured and left for dead after a mishap during a hunting expedition.

  • Director : Albert Hughes
  • Producers : Columbia Pictures, Studio 8, The Picture Company
  • Duration : 1h 37m
  • Language : English
  • Release date : 2018-08-16
  • Movie Genre : Drama, Mystery

Movie Overview

The scenic beauty of the Ice Age is beautifully used in the movie for keeping the audience engaged and the story is worth the watch. Besides a strong performance by its lead actors including Kodi Smit and the beautiful Leonor Varela, the story and screenplay will take you back to your bed-time story days.


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Box Office Report

9.84 crores USD

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