Helicopter Eela
3.5 stars/10

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We're glad to have Kajol back on the silver screen but why this one? After creating such a great benchmark in the film industry, we surely expected a lot more than this helicopter ride. We know that the motherly instinct starts to show when you have two children of your own, however, helicopter eela was surely not the right script to make your powerful comeback!

Eela (Kajol), is an obsessed single mother with her son Vivan (Riddhi Sen). I mean, she is so obsessed that she decides to get admission in the same school as his child. Imagine? Well, out of nowehere we're taken to an unnecessry flashback which shows Eela as a dreamer who wants to be a singer in the 90s.

  • Director : Pardeep Sarkar
  • Producers : Ajay Devgn, Akshay Gada, Dhaval Gada
  • Duration : 2h 15min
  • Language : Hindi
  • Release date : 2018-10-12
  • Movie Genre : Drama

Movie Overview

Inspired from Anand Gandhi’s Gujarati play BetaKaagdo, the script of the film has been penned by Mitesh Shah. From Eela's evolution of live your dream girl to being a Helicopter parent and annoying the life out of his son, the script is poorly written. Though it tries to reach out to you emotionally at certain scenes but it falls back miserably! Trust me, you'll be rooting for the climax to come because the makers failed in creating well-misunderstanding between the mother and son; and that's where the movie failed!


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Box Office Report

4.13 Crores

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