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Simmba is an orphan from Shivgadh from where our beloved Singham was born and raised. Contrary to the philosophies of Singham, Simmba believes that a Corrupt Officer's life is an ideal life which inspires him to become one. While Simmba enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical Police Officer, a twist in the tale transforms him and forces him to choose the righteous path.

  • Director : Rohit Shetty
  • Producers : Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty
  • Duration : 2h 45m
  • Language : Hindi
  • Release date : 2018-12-28
  • Movie Genre : Drama, Comedy, Action

Movie Overview

You will be surprised to see the all-new avatar of Ranveer Singh which is the most cut-out role for his electrifying personality. When it comes to debutant Sara, her looks are utterly beautiful and her performance is compelling.

Although, Simmba is centered on the lead character of Simmba yet Sara as Shagun manages to make impact even with less screen time. From dialogues to Shetty's vision; Simmba is laugh-riot which is loaded with the perfect dosage of drama and action.


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