Is Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Baldwin expecting her first child?

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  • December 20, 2018
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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin tied the knot recently on September 13, 2018, after Bieber chose to propose his beloved in June 2018. The couple has never left a chance to flaunt their love on any social platform. We have seen them both showering love upon one another like a quintessential sign of a "lovey-dovey" couple.

However, a recent post on Baldwin's Instagram points to another surprise that the couple might be hiding for their fans. After getting married, now Hailey has posted a picture of her childhood with her mother where she is looking directly in the camera and flashing a cutesy juvenile smile. Without saying much in the caption, she has added, "Hi little me" as the description of the image.

It is rumoured and expected that Bieber's wife is sparking the news of her pregnancy. Soon after she uploaded the picture, Justin also commented on the picture saying, "Same." Now Hailey and Justin's fans have flourished the comment section with numerous questions.

Some of them are also suggesting that it is now time for the couple to plan for "Bieber Junior" soon. There is no doubt in the fact that both of them constitute together as a couple totally in love and expecting a baby at an early stage of their relationship would be of no shock.

Although, Hailey has now deleted all images and unfollowed everyone from her Instagram account.

To know if the young couple is actually expecting or planning their first child or not, all we can do is wait. Meanwhile, their fans are extremely happy if the rumours turn to reality and the couple actually gives birth to their little one. We wish all the luck and warm wishes to both of them!

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