Know why singer Sona Mohapatra believes 'music has no boundaries'

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  • February 09, 2019
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Jeeya Laage Na lead singer Sona Mohapatra was recently trolled on Twitter for being insensitive towards the Indian Army. Earlier this month, she had tweeted about how according to her, music have no boundaries and explained in a positive way that how the Hindi film industry takes famous Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's songs to recreate then in every-second Bollywood album.

Sona, 42, had written, "Film industry takes Nusrat Saab's songs to recreate in every Bollywood album and India will listen to him and his songs sung by every other singer but the soldiers in the border card will come up if I say that art and music have no boundaries. My father was in the forces for 35 years."

To which she was called being "petty and narrow-minded" for not being able to watch the sacrifice of Indian soldiers. One of her fans has spoken about the same and wrote, "People from other side of the border were once Indians. Fifty per cent speak Punjabi and travel to meet their families in India... No doubt India always stands against terror. But art shall not die because of this."

Singer further replied, "Pakistan as a state has oppressed and virtually wiped out their minorities. Their own artistes aren't safe too. Amjad Sabri the Sufi Qawwal amongst others who spread the message of love has been brutally murdered in broad daylight. India cannot become like that. Should not."

The famous Ambarsariya singer finally concluded her statements by saying, "let’s not confuse a state's policy and politics with its people".

Sona Mohapatra tried throwing some light upon a 2016 issue, when Indian film associations had officially banned Pakistani talent from working in the country. Actors such as Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar were part of a few Bollywood films before this controversy.

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