'What if I had forced her to go to the doctors?' says singer Tom Jones while blaming himself for wife’s death

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  • January 07, 2019
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Sir Tom Jones in an interview to Daily Star Newspaper said that he blames himself for his wife’s death. The veteran singer expressed his grief and inability to save his wife Linda’s life who suffered from lung cancer in 2016 which later became the reason for her death.

Tom Jones said that if he would have acted earlier and forced her to visit a doctor she might have been alive. When the singer was asked if he blames himself for Linda’s death, he said, "Yes. You do start to think, 'What if I had forced her to go to the doctors? Because she didn't go. You think, 'S**t, maybe I should have said she had to.'

Further, the singer said that when he listens to Bob Dylan’s song What Good Am I and pays attention to its lyrics, they always remind him of his dead wife and the ways he could have saved her. He said, “After I lost my wife, lyrics to a Bob Dylan song reminded me of her. It's called 'What good am I?' I was reading into the lyrics thinking, 'Jesus Christ ...was I partly to blame? Should I have woken up before?”

"By the time we found out about her cancer it was too late. I thought, 'What could I have done?’ It started to mean more. So that song is very touching," the singer added.

Presently, Tom Jones stars in the show The Voice which recently began its new series where the singer revealed that singing the songs has acted like aid to the grief that he held for his wife’s death. “I got some of my musicians together and that was the first step,’ he said. "Singing has really helped me. Time is a healer."

On a relatable note, the singer recently moved to the UK as he was not able to live in their Los Angeles home facing enormous difficulties to live with her memories. He also added that even though he has found a number of good friends, he might never find the love of his life again. 

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