Cardi B’s doctor reveals when her baby’s due!


All excited Cardi B fans brace yourselves. I know you have been waiting to hear a recent update about the pretty pregnant rapper. She was seen wearing a lovely dress that further enhanced her beauty. But did you notice something? 

Cardi B was spotted with a big bump.

Yes, Cardi B’s recent public appearance brought a big revelation to all of us. She was seen with a sizable baby bump. Everyone did not quite expect the news when Cardi B declared publicly that she’s pregnant with her first child on SNL.

 cardi b

Of course, this news has sparked speculations. Fans and followers are guessing the due date when exactly Cardi B will bring her little bundle of joy into this world. 

Here’s an expert to silent your curiosity. Dr. Sherry A. Ross, an celebrated OB/GYN was benevolent enough to divulge important details about the American rapper’s pregnancy and anticipation of a due date! “I suspect Cardi looks to be about 24 (+/- 2 weeks) weeks or 6 months pregnant with a due date of July 30th(+/- 2 weeks).” 

Right after the 25 year old rapper announced her pregnancy during her performance of ‘be Careful”, her loving partner and would-be-father shared his feelings on Instagram to express his gratitude to fans for showering all the love and support on this exciting phase. 

He said, “Thank you for all of your support,” he posted a caption on his picture, “We feel so blessed.” Oh my god, such lovely words of care.  We’re certain the coming child would be blessed to have such adorable parents. 

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