Much –awaited sequel to “Terminator” delayed by a few months


Fans have been awaiting the movie release for a long time. Much to everyone’s dismay, the release of the sixth sequel of "Terminator" movie has been delayed by a few months. Here are all the details. 

“Terminator” movie release has been postponed by three months to November.

The studio announced the abrupt change of the release date of the movie (which is yet to be titled) from July 26, 2019, to November 22, 2019. Paramount has revealed the reasons behind the postponement is hidden but also an emergency surgery procedure of Arnold Schwarzenegger at a hospital here.

Schwarzenegger's spokesman said that on 30 March that the 70-year-old actor is back in action. He posted, "I'm back" on getting up from the procedure and was in positive spirits.

Schwarzenegger has also worked as a governor of California from 2003-2011. He was selected last year to make a comeback to the "Terminator" series for the sixth film in the franchise.

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