Ace musician A.R. Rahman throws light on the ‘hard-times’ of his life!


Everybody goes through a tough phase in their life where they feel like giving up on everything. But that is when a person has to be little a more concentrated on what needs to be achieved. Today, we will enlighten you about the hard times in renowned musician A.R. Rahman’s life.

Recently, during the launch his biography, A.R. Rahman revealed that there was a phase in his life where he felt like ending his life. As soon as Rahman used to wake up, the first thought which used to occupy his mind was of ending his own life.

In the interview, Jai Ho singer stated that he had a lot of ups and downs in his life but the initial failure in his career made him stronger and helped him in dealing with tricky situations.

The composer said, “Up until 25, I used to think about suicide. Most of us feel they are not good enough. Because I lost my father, there was this void....There were so many things happening.’’

“(But) that in a way made me more fearless. Death is a permanent thing for everyone. Since everything created has an expiry date, so why be afraid of anything?” Rahman further said.

But the breakthrough in his career came when he made his own recording studio Panchathan Record Inn in the backyard of his home in Chennai. 

The music producer also talks about the hard times and other important events of his life in “Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rahman.”

The biography was launched on Monday, November 3 in Mumbai. It is written by author Krishna Trilok.

A.R. Rahman was only nine years old when his father R.K Shekhar died and his family had to rent out his father’s musical equipment that’s when Rahman decided to learn music at a very young age.

“I finished everything between the age of 12 to 22. It was boring for me to do all the normal stuff. I didn’t want to do it,” he stated.

Talking about his real name, Rahman said: “I never liked my original name, Dileep Kumar. I don’t even know why I hated it. I felt like it didn’t match my personality. I wanted to become another person. I felt like that would define and change my whole being. I wanted to get rid all the past baggage.

The singer adds that the utmost important thing is not to feel bored and one should always come up with something new professionally or personally. Stay tuned for more entertainment related updates!

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