Akshay Kumar at Svarn Sathi Gutka launch


Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, originally called Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia addressed the audience on their sense of analyzing and understanding the celebrity that they follow while imitating them in their personal life. The actor made the remark while launching an anti-cancer product 'Svarn Sathi', a nutraceutical, under the Centre's "Swasth Bharat" initiative.

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Akshay directed his words towards the top celebrities in the film industry who endorsed harmful products which are injurious to health (like alcohol and tobacco) and said, "I think audience also must understand whom to follow and whom not to follow. I feel endorsing harmful product or service is incorrect. I would urge them not to endorse such things because people look up to them and imitate them so, I hope people get this message clear and straight and they will stay away from these products"

While sharing his feelings and associating himself with the brand, Akshay posted a message on his Twitter account: "I'm always for health and all things healthy. Glad to associate with Svarn Saathi, an anti-cancer product made with active natural ingredients in the right composition which helps counter the ill-effects of bad habits like smoking, alcohol and tobacco." 

On being inquired if the actor will recommend the product to his friends in Bollywood he said, “Yes definitely.. Whether it is friend or enemy, 'Svarn Sathi' is made for everyone. I hope people will use it. I think it's very beneficial and a good thing. It fights with harmful elements which are in our body. In fact, I will gift this product to my friends as a Diwali gift."

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