Akshay Kumar reveals the main reason behind producing Marathi film 'Chumbak'!


Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar says that he did not produce the forthcoming Marathi film, "Chumbak" for earning money.

Chumbak is slated to release on July 27 in India

Akshay revealed the real reason behind producing "Chumbak" at the trailer launch of the movie. Akshay said: "I don't want to earn money by producing this film. I do lot of films through which I earn money and this film is not one of them. This film will show you right path. I have seen many films but not every time, I want to associate myself with the film but this film touched my heart."

"The kind of message that this film gives, these are the things what I would like to teach my children. I feel people should pass on this to their children so that they can learn what is right and what is wrong."

When asked about the social message which is being conveyed in "Chumbak", Akshay said: "I feel parents should take their children to watch this film because it tells you that there are two ways to lead a life, one is right path and another is wrong. In that, you have to choose what path is correct for you and that's what the journey of the characters in this film."

While praising the child actors, Akshay said: "Swanand and two child actors are acting in a film for the first time but I feel they outclassed an actor like me who has done 130 films in his career."

The film "Chumbak" is slated to release on July 27 in India

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