Akshay Kumar takes a step forward for 'Har Ghar Swachh' mission


Indian actor, Akshay Kumar is known for his drive towards the importance of sanitation movement in India. He has now joined his support with the brand Harpic in the drive towards 'Har Ghar Swachh' mission.

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The 50 year old actor was announced as the brand ambassador of Harpic on Monday. The aim is to provide easy access to clean washrooms to each and every Indian and to maintain this cleanliness by stating its importance to the people.

Akshay Kumar too emphasised on the fact that how it is important for people to keep the toilets hygienic.

The actor said, "It gives me immense pleasure to associate with Harpic to drive the ‘Har Ghar Swachh' mission. We can no longer treat toilets as a stepchild of the home but consider them to be a source of pride and joy, hence I urge people to join me in this mission so that we can ensure a healthier and hygienic life for ourselves and for our families."

While the announcement was being made, the chief marketing officer and marketing director, Sukhleen Aneja said, "Professionally and personally, Akshay has been a key influencer to drive the sanitation mission and it's an honour to have him as Harpic's brand advocate to amplify our mission. Harpic stands for expertise, trust, reliability and positive social change - Values true to Akshay and thus, the partnership between Harpic and Akshay is a natural extension of these values. With Akshay as the perfect evangelist, Harpic will continue to driving this positive social change."

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