Alia Bhatt wants to work with these three directors again


With her latest project ‘Raazi’ on a golden platter to be served to the audience, Alia Bhatt is in a happy zone right now. The lady is getting all the good projects and is working with the best directors and actors in the industry. Talking about appreciation, the lady is getting a whole lot of it.

Alia Bhatt’s Raazi will hit the theatres on May 11th.

Just now the makers of ‘Raazi’ have released a teaser in which Alia Bhatt is seen in a burkha and is talking on the phone. Setting the mood right, the actress yet again surprises us with her performance. Even Naseeruddin Shah had once said that an actor who never fails to surprise him is Alia Bhatt.

Commenting on the same, Alia said, “It’s a huge responsibility and a great compliment coming from Naseer sir. One thing I always say is that never say never. I’ve not assumed that this is my calling. There’s a lot of anxiety, hard work and preparation that goes into a playing every character and living the life I live. I am a nervous person, although people may not perceive me that way. Even if things go well, I am nervous. It’s ingrained in me. When people like Naseer sir say good things, I feel grateful; I feel life is so good. My true calling in life is to just give love and get love in return.”

Alia has been in the business for just six years but her performance in films like ‘Udta Punjab’ and ‘Highway’ has managed to carve a strong name for her in the world of Bollywood. She has kept a perfect balance between commercial cinema and brave roles. 

Alia further says, “I wouldn’t credit luck alone for this. It’s the magic of movies that brings us together,” says Alia, adding, “Abhi nahi toh kab? I know this has happened early on in my life but these are filmmakers I really wanted to work with. I’ve enjoyed working with them and I will give an arm and leg to work with Meghna, Zoya and Gauri again.”

Her latest ‘Raazi’ trailer will be out tomorrow. 

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