Angie Feels Vindicated after Jennifer’s Divorce News, Says ‘Not Surprised’


After hearing the sad news of Jennifer’s split with Justin, her fans are disappointed. However, there’s someone who’s smiling and amused by this divorce. Yes, its Angelina Jolie who’s got every reason to feel vindicated by Jen’s split from husband. Curious to know the reason? Let us unleash the details. 

Angelina says she’s not surprised to hear about Jen’s heartbreaking divorce.

Jennifer Aniston, 49, and Justin Theroux‘s have parted ways after three years of marriage and seven years of relationship. This news shocked everyone who thought all was well in their paradise. Jen’s arch-rival Angelina Jolie, 42, who had been since long blamed for being a ruthless home-wrecker is feeling vindicated to hear this news. 

angelina versus jennifer

“Angelina makes a point to not read or follow any celebrity gossip, but it was inevitable she would hear about Jennifer and Justin’s break-up at some point. Angelina has never cared for Jen, even before she started dating Brad. She’s always thought of her as very vanilla and shallow, and not on her level intellectually. Whereas Justin is quirky and edgy and super smart, so Angelina wasn’t surprised at all to learn they had split,” a trusted source related to the Maleficent star revealed to an entertainment tabloid. 

She says that she’s not surprised. Former Friends star got divorced from Brad Pitt in 2005 after love blossomed between Brangelina on the sets of Mr. & Mrs. Smith that later translated into marriage. 

 “Angelina can’t help feeling a degree of vindication, after all, she was painted as this evil home wrecker who lured Brad away from Jen, who was portrayed as this sweet and nice, poor helpless victim. But nobody can point the finger at Angelina this time, or any other ‘wicked’ third party, as by all accounts neither Justin or Jen were cheating. So this time around Jennifer can’t blame somebody else for the failure of her marriage. It’s all on her and Justin,” an insider quipped. 

We’re just hoping not to expect those Team Jolie and Team Aniston” t-shirts getting sold like hot cakes post Jennifer’s recent heartache. We hope she gets over it soon.

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