Anushka flies to Swiss with family, is the marriage really happening?


If the recent rumors are to be believed then, Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma will be tying the knot on December 12, 2017 in Milan, Italy. But all such reports were soon refuted by Anushka's PR team. 

Anushka's father has been calling his neighbors of wedding

Anushka boarded her Swiss Airways flight in Mumbai, and her beau Virat left from Delhi. The India captain reached Delhi airport at around 11.30 pm, and his flight took off at 2.45 am. Virat refused to let security personnel take pictures of him. Though there is no official confirmation from the couple- we're still hoping for it! 

Anushka Sharma

The presence of Anushka's family at Mumbai airport on Thursday further fueled speculation of an impending shaadi. Her father Ajay Kumar, mother Ashima and elder brother Karnesh all left from the airport.

Meanwhile, sources say Virat Kohli's family and close friends have already booked their tickets to the Italian city of Milan. What's more, his former coach Rajkumar Sharma excused himself from a crucial match on December 7. 

The reason? A wedding.

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Whose wedding? His 'nephew's', he said.

A spokesperson for Anushka has refused reports about a possible wedding, and said the speculation is baseless.

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