Bella Hadid Despised her Eyebrows


Model Bella Hadid confessed that now she is at peace with her looks. That’s because she hated her eyebrows during school days. She grappled to be okay with her features during teenage days. 

Bella was always self-conscious about her brows.

The 21-year-old confident model quips that she felt insecure due to thin eyebrows on her face during growing years. Sharing your insecurities only makes you stronger. 

Hadid revealed to a tabloid,"I think I had more beauty insecurities growing up than probably anybody. Growing up, I was always self-conscious about my brows but I never knew that you could do something about it. I've always had really thin brows, I got them from my dad." 

"I was also kind of chubbier growing up until I was 15, so there were a lot of things I had to grow into -- I definitely had to grow into my face a lot. I wasn't very secure with myself until recently," she added further.

Well, that only makes her human. We all have been insecure or conscious about our looks at some point in our lives. 

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