Bipasha Basu says, Sajid Khan cracked lewd jokes and disrespects women on sets


Filmmaker Sajid Khan has been piled up with the allegation of misbehaving around women in the movie industry. Now actress Bipasha Basu also confirmed that Sajid is a women offender.

Sajid Khan recently decided to step down as a director of Housefull 4 due to sexual misconduct allegations.

It all started when Saloni Chopra an Indian actress decided to open up about her encounter with the director. In her horrific statements she revealed that Sajid used to tell her about his sex life and he also told her that she does not have the assets to be an actress. Doubling the allegation model Rachel White also came out with her #MeToo story blaming Sajid told her to strip and seduce him in 5 minutes.

A journalist Karishma Upadhyay also mentioned in her tweet recently that director Sajid Khan sexually molested her at his house back in the 2000s. She adds he showed her his penis and even smooched her unwantedly.

After Dia Mirza, actress Bipasha Basu also showed her support on Karishma Upadhyay’s tweet telling the world that, he cracked lewd jokes openly and was pretty rude to all girls on the film sets.

Bipasha adds on to say Sajid’s disrespectful behavious was the reason she stopped working in his films.

Although Sajid did not harass Bipasha Basu she still encourages more women to speak up against men like him.

Following these massive allegations, superstar Akshay Kumar has paused the shooting for Housefull 4, which Sajid was directing and now has decided to step down from his own film.  

What began with Tanushree Dutta’s bold move to put allegations against Nana Patekar led to unleashing many sexual predators. Babuji Alok Nath, filmmaker Vikas Behl and Subhash Kapoor, comedian Utsav Chakraborty, actor Rajat Kapoor,  Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya amongst others have been accused of sexual harassment. What a shame!

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