Dakota Johnson Wore a Strapless Thong Glued to Her Skin


Shooting some intimate scenes between the sheets is more than just awkward. Here’s what happens behind the scenes to prepare the look for the Red Room of pain. Dakota Johnson wore a super-glued thong on her body. 

Fifty Shades Freed has reportedly more steamy scenes than previous two versions.

Dakota Johnson wanted to make sure the red room of pain scenes look as real as possible. Even though ,she looks damn seductive like she could slay the wild hunter with her demure eyes alone, she admits that preparing for her steamy look was made slightly unbearable due to the strapless glue. Not everything that looks glamorous makes the actors feel comfortably glamorous. 

fifty shades freed

Read the excerpts from some sources:

"It's super not glamorous—it's really unsexy. It's not glue, but it's sticky.” Dakota shared how uncomfortable it made her feel but she pulled off the scene very well, so we’re not complaining.  

Talking about the steamy scenes of Fifty Shades Freed movie, she said, "Most of [our preparation] is just really figuring out exactly how we are going to accomplish the scene beforehand—so that there's not a lot of waiting around while we're both vulnerable." "But, if something is very, very difficult, it's sometimes necessary to have a shot of something strong beforehand."

"It would also come off because the adhesive would wear out, so then they would superglue it to my body so that it wouldn't fall off. And I would wear two of them," she further added. "It's not painful, I mean, it's barely anything. But I guess you have some sense of being covered. It's f--king bizarre."

Isn’t Dakota Johnson a superwoman for handling the sticky…err...tricky situation with dignity and finesse? Oh, yes! Watch the movie to know more.  

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