Daler Mehndi convicted in human trafficking case, got bail


Gone generations most favourite Punjabi singer, Daler Mehndi, was taken in custody for his 2003 case of human trafficking but after few minutes he got bail.

Daler Mehndi’s first famous song was Bolo ta ra ra......

A court in Patiala on Friday convicted the 50 year old singer and his brother, Shamsher Singh, in a 15-year-old human trafficking case. The police had registered a case against Daler and others after it was alleged that the accused took money from people to the tune of Rs 1 crore on the pretext of taking them abroad.

daler mehndi

A complainant, Bakhshish Singh, alleged that the deal never matured and the accused failed to return the money. Resulting to this, Patiala Police had even raided the offices of Daler Mehndi at Connaught Place in New Delhi and seized documents.

In 2006, Patiala House asked to discharge Daler Mehndi from the case as he was innocent but the court dismissed the plea stating they have "sufficient evidence against him on the judicial file and scope for further investigation".

Daler Mehndi has been ruling millions of hearts for years with his peppy numbers and style. This will definitely come as a shock to his fans.

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