Donald Trump’s alleged girlfriend Stormy Daniels makes Details Public


Donald Trump is in news again. This time, more for personal than professional reasons. Donald Trump continued to make a point that his loving wife Melania Trump was a great first lady and went on to say that her life wasn’t as simple as it looks like. There are more juicy details below. 

Donald Trump praised Melania and her philanthropy activities during the recent rally.

Donald said during the PA rally on March 10, “Great first lady,” he said during the rally. “She’s great. She’s great. You think her life is so easy, folks? Not so easy. She is a great first lady.” He also addressed his better half’s philanthropist activities for the betterment of society. 

Donald’s remarks about his spouse and United States’ drug problem have emerged amidst a present lawsuit and alleged affair scandal with porn-star Stormy Daniels. The stripper recently attempted to sue Donald over the claimed affair and seems ready to make details public. Stormy was provided $130,000 from Donald’s lawyer Michael Cohen prior to 2016 presidential elections. She was given the hefty sum to keep her lips sealed and keep the alleged 2006/2007 affair private during his marital union to Melania. Stormy is reportedly disregarding all the news as invalid and expressed her desire for a judge to void the matter. The latter part is leading to speculations that she’s all set to divulge the details about her moments with Donald. 

Even though, Donald or Melania have not yet spoken further about the lawsuit, things seem to go awry between the two, as per some of the recent reports. 

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