Don't feel shy calling Twinkle a warrior: Akshay Kumar


The action superstar of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar, confessed that no matter how much of a daredevil he is onscreen, his beloved wife Twinkle Khanna is the real warrior of the house.

A Man and Woman deeply in love make their home Heaven
Akshay shamelessly accepted that his wife is a Yodha. He said, "Yodha does not -- Not -- necessarily mean one who is holding a gun. Yodha is a person who holds his own family. A soldier who fights a war, isn't only a yodha. It is all about holding your family and close ones. Everybody is a 'yodha' in his life." Don't feel shy calling Twinkle a warrior: Akshay Kumar Akshay is happy that his wife is handling everything with such grace. The other reason for the man's happiness is him being casted in a Karan Johar-Salman Khan film. Showing his happiness, the actor claimed,

"Being an actor, signing a film for another big actor is something new for this industry because it only happens in Hollywood, where an actor signs another actor for his production. I hope this trend starts in Bollywood too."

We are very excited for this flick. Are you?

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