Enacting Former PM Manmohan Singh’s role is a Big Challenge for Anupam Kher


Have you ever thought if something could be a challenge for a seasoned actor like Anupam Kher? Yes, he has found his challenge in portraying former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He would be enacting this role in his next flick"The Accidental Prime Minister".

The shooting of Anupam’s next film was recently concluded.

The shooting was finished in London and left Anupam in a wobbly dilemma. "It is easy to play a personality who is someone long gone, no matter how distinguished.”anupam kher

The actor feels, "With due respects to Ben Kingsley who was simply outstanding, he played Mahatma Gandhi long after when the original character's physicality was a hazy memory on blurred bank notes and vague documentaries." 

"On the other hand I had to play someone who is very much in the public domain. Manmohan Singhji's walk, his personality, his style of speaking are all in the public consciousness.” the veteran actor continues, "I could not afford to slip up. I'd have ended up being caricaturish,"

He believes that Manmohan Singh is certainly his best performance so far. He said, "I've given it my entire concentration. We have worked hard to make a big epic homage to a man, scholar and politician, who is misunderstood, or rather hardly understood." 

Getting ready up for the huge release of "The Accidental Prime Minister", Anupam quips: "We are not looking at the bio-pic on Manmohan Singhji as a small film. We are making every effort to give the film the epic look that the man deserves." 

Any personal preference as to whom will he like to show the movie first? He says that would be  Robert De Niro because he has expressed a deep interest in the biopic. 

The duo share an affinity with each other. On 7th March, De Niro held an impromptu birthday bash for Anupam in New York. However, Anupam is reluctant to speak about his friendship with the legendary actor.

He gushed, "It (the birthday celebration) was just something that he did on the spur of the moment. It was sweet gesture and one that I deeply appreciate."

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