Feel ashamed when called outsider, says Richa Chadha

Always high on energy and vivacity, Actress Richa Chaddha, confessed that she feels ashamed when some calls her an 'outsider' in the industry just because she does not have a Filmy sirname attached to her name.
Richa believes that Actions speak louder than words.
The lady looked quite upset with these remarks and said, "I really feel ashamed when people use this word 'outsider' for people like us. I feel the word 'outsider' shouldn't even exist in the Indian dictionary. I am a citizen of India, I was born here, I pay my tax here so then how am I an outsider" Feel ashamed when called outsider, says Richa Chadha She further commented that that there are many people in the industry who refer to her as an outside which makes her feel shame-faced. The lady unapologetically wondered, "It's so sad that we have to use this term for people who are not born to a film family. It's a term very commonly used by everyone because it exists and that's a sad state of affair. Even though we are Indians, we are an outsider. Why is it so." From the industry or not, we will always be big fans of your dynamic acting Richa.
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