Fendi celebrates bond with cine world


Italian luxury fashion house Fendi will celebrate its long-lasting bond with the world of cinema through an innovative exhibition.

It let visitors reinvent the movies, by entering "into the scenes".

Entitled Fendi Studios, the exhibition will be held at Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, which is itself linked to cinema history as it featured in Boccaccio '70, Titus and Zoolander II to name a few.


The venue is the new headquarter of the Roman Maison. It has been turned, for the occasion, in different cinema studios composed by a series of interactive movie stages, including also a real cinema, read a statement.

The exhibition will be open to the public with free admission from Friday to March 25, 2018.

Through decades, Fendi has manufactured several outfits, accessories and fur pieces for international movies—from Italian new wave to American blockbusters. From there, comes the idea to feature those movies in one unique exhibition.

The exhibition will let the visitors immerse into a digital experience where they could interact and reinvent the movies, by entering "into the scenes" and being themselves the protagonists, while at the same time discovering Fendi's iconic pieces. They will be able to take selfies and share in real time this unique experience.

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