Gaga and Bradley Cooper shared a pact for ‘A Star is born’


Actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper and singer-cum-actress Lady Gaga shared a pact to perform  prior to the beginning of "A Star Is Born".

Pact was made before cameras began rolling.

Cooper is going to direct the romantic musical drama remake of the 1937 classic "A Star Is Born", with Lady Gaga in the lead role.bradley cooper and gaga

Bradley Cooper opened up about the secret pact he made with Gaga while sharing space with his ‘Limitless’ co-star Robert De Niro at the Tribeca Film Festival panel.

"She said right from the beginning that this was going to be a bargain," Cooper said.

"'I'm gonna rely on you to get a performance that's honest out of me', because she'd never done a film before, and 'I'm gonna make sure you turn into a musician, because we're going to sing everything live'.

"And I thought, wait, what? She said, 'No, the only way this is going to work -- I can't stand when I watch movies when they have music and you can tell when it's pre-recorded and people are lip-syncing'. And she's right.

"So that was terrifying, but I really relied on her."

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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