Gigi Hadid shares her feelings about being trolled


Supermodel Gigi Hadid feels upset when social media users slate her for an outfit, which initially made her feel "good" about herself when she first put it on.

Gigi finds the trolls very frustrating

"There are times when I put something crazy on, and then I go on Twitter and everyone's like, 'What are you wearing?' I'm like, 'I felt so excited to put that on, and it made me feel good to walk out the door'.

Gigi Hadid

"Sometimes you don't wake up feeling like you want to get dressed and walk out the door, so if you put on something that makes you turn into that character or just be excited about looking in the mirror, it makes it more fun to go outside," Hadid told a magazine.

"(I'm) trying to also understand that I will not ever be able to meet everyone in the world and prove myself to everyone in the world... (it's) frustrating for me sometimes because I feel like I'm judged in a lot of ways online, and everyone is in that way," she said.

On a related note, Gigi recently shared a throwback picture with her beau Zayn Malik on Instagram. Can the two, get any better?

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