GoT final season not returning until 2019


Looks like the wait for Game of Thrones season finale just got longer, probably by a year.

Turner on her role: My standards have definitely been raised.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, actor Sophie Turner revealed that the eighth season, which was initially scheduled to premiere in 2018, would most likely return only the following year.

Sophie Turner GoT season 8

Season 8 began shooting in October and HBO says will premiere in either 2018 or 2019. The premium service originally announced the former as the target for a debut, but has in recent months indicated that the latter might be more realistic, reports

Turner, who portrays Sansa Stark in the popular TV show, also spoke on her screen journey and the pivotal roles in the show since 2011. “My standards have definitely been raised,” she says. “It’s a blessing and a curse, Game of Thrones being my first job and working with such incredible scripts and such incredible veteran actors, and working with the best crew.”

Turner lauded the cast and crew so much so that the thought of not working with them was ‘almost excruciating’ to her. “They’ve been my growing up,” she mused.

GoT also stars Maisie Williams, Kit Harrington, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Aiden Gillen, Emilia Clarke, Nathalie Emmanuel, and many more.

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