Guess who Charli XCX’s dream man is

Singer-songwriter Charli XCX is happy that stars like Diplo, Joe Jonas and made guest appearances in the video of her latest song Boys, but if she could have shot actor Bill Murray for the video, it would have been the dream.
…because he's my dream man, said the singer.
The video, commissioned and directed by Charli herself alongside Sarah McColgan, features an all-star male cast. “If I could have shot Bill Murray for the video then that would have been the dream and I probably would have cut everyone else and just had him in it because he's my dream man," she said in a statement. How did she manage to get over 50 male stars in one video? “Some of them I've worked with and known for a long time, whether that's AG (Cook) or Diplo or G-Eazy, I mean I worked with Ty Dolla $ign as well," she said. Some people were easier to get on board. Others, she had to like really harass. “I joined a stupid celebrity dating app to kind of get to more people which is very psycho of me, but it worked," she said. When Charli began to think about the video, she wanted it to really emphasise the sexy, funny actions that the boys were doing. “So I began to think about all the things that girls usually get to do in videos, or get asked to do sometimes in weird videos," she said. The Boom Clap singer’s latest video album shows these male celebs sexily playing around in a paddling pool or washing a car or playing with puppies or having a pillow fight. “All of these are very stereotypical girl sexy things that happen in American movies or any movies or videos.” Instead, she wanted the video to be more than a girl just sitting and thinking about guys.
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