Here's how prosthetic helped Ranbir in becoming Sanju


Soon after the release of Sanju's trailer, everyone has been comparing Ranbir and Sanju's looks. But not everything you see in the trailer is real; a major part Ranbir's look in the movie is a result of prosthetic.

I needed to make Ranbir's jaw bone look different to resemble Dutt's

Prosthetic artist Dr Suresh Murkey revealed how prosthetic helped him altered Ranbir's appearance to match the different stages of Sanjay's life.

"It was based on the pictures that I designed Ranbir's prosthetics. I took four sets of measurements of Ranbir's face in order to minimise any scope of error," Dr Murkey saidRanbir Kapoor

Expert Dr. Murkey also mentioned that to transform Ranbir into Sanju, he had to work mainly on the lower half of Ranbir's face. He said, "I needed to make Ranbir's jaw bone look different to resemble Dutt's, and make his cheeks look puffy, especially near the lips."

He also added, "In order to add age to his face for the latter part of the film, prosthetics were worn on the upper part of his mouth so that his cheeks could look fuller near the nose and below the eyes."

On the related note, Sanju is expected to release on 29 June

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