Hip Hop artist Cardi B's intimate confession


Hip-hop artist Cardi B, who is engaged to Migos rapper Offset, revealed that she likes to get naughty after drinking.

If I drink, I'm gonna have sex

The 25-year-old mentioned that she is not an avid drinker, but when she does, it usually leads to her becoming intimate with fiancé Offset, as per the reports.

Hip Hop artist Cardi B's intimate confession

Hip-hop star Cardi B told Rolling Stone magazine, "If I drink, it's like, my man is gonna be around, and I'm gonna have sex." Cardi B has been dating Offset since February, an interesting meet between the pair in New York.

The hip-hop artist, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, said she often discusses music business-related issues with her fiancé. "We polish each other. I could always ask him, 'Do you think this is OK to do? Do you think I'm getting tricked?'" Belicalis stated.

Hip-hop artist Cardi B marked her musical debut in 2015 with a video song "Cheap Ass Weave". However, in 2016 she released her first full-length project "Gangsta Bitch: Vol.1".

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