Hiten Tejwani kicked out of Bigg Boss house- Is there still a twist?


One of the most loved contestant of the most controversial TV reality show, Bigg Boss season 11, Hiten Tejwani got evicted but the drill was something unexpected. The man, known for his kind and calm nature, was competing against Priyank Sharma after other two contestants, Shilpa Shinde and Luv Tyagi got saved.

Do you think it's fair to evict Hiten on the basis of housemates' decision?

Looks like this time the lovable man's luck was not in his favour. The decision to chose between the two was left on the remaining housemates and they chose to save Priyank. However, nobody out graced Hiten's kindness and the way he played the game.

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The big shock came when Shilpa Shinde also chose to support Priyank over Hiten. 3 out of 7 that included Arshi, Vikas and Puneesh voted in support for Hiten, while the others voted for Priyank. As the result, Hiten had to bid goodbye to the show.

Now that he is out, he is relaxed and even talked about the inmates and their personalities. He said, “I’ve come so close and then been eliminated, it’s sad. But it’s nice to see all the happy, smiling faces.” Talking about Hina Khan, Hiten had just one word to describe her which is 'Fake'. When asked about the good image of Shilpa Shinde in the house, Hiten gave a completely opposite reaction. He quipped,

“Shilpa Shinde is very chatur and chalak. I want to ask Shilpa ki unhe itna kya darr tha ki mujhe vote out kar diya ghar se. Saath mein rehkar aamne saamne kehlti tho maaza aata ki strong strong saath mein khel raha hain, unhe weakest logon ko harake aage badhna hain.”

Bigg Boss fans are really upset on Hiten being evicted but the decision has really changed the game.

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