Ironman Robert Downey Jr just revealed the biggest insight to Avengers Infinity War!


The whole world waits for one of the biggest Marvel project, Avengers Infinity War which is about to release this month. And there are endless rumors and spoilers circling the World Wide Web which has taken the curiosity level of every Marvel-fan to the skies.

I think it’s Hawkeye

But whom to trust and whom not, is a bigger question here. Well! Let's say we can and should trust none-other-than Ironman Robert Downey Jr. Recently, Ironman revealed an insight about the much-awaited movie while he was at a press event for the film’s promotion at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on Monday.

The insight was revealed when a journalist asked Robert Downey and the team about who is capable of defeating the giant evil villain, Thanos out of all the Avengers. While director Joe Russo said it will take all of the Avengers to bring him down, Downey slipped in a spoiler for the fans.

Robert revealed, "Here’s my guess - because I haven’t read the script. Because Jeremy Renner is not in the poster, I think he’s the only one that can beat Thanos! I think it’s Hawkeye! No, I think it’s Jeremy: only Jeremy can defeat him.”

However, Jeremy Renner has nowhere been seen in the trailers or posters of the movie. Isn't it a little fishy?

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