Is Ariana Grande expecting rapper’s baby? Truth Revealed!


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is true in case of Ariana Grande who has been absent from the media for a while now. This has got the fans talking and media speculating. 

Ariana and Mac love each other a lot.

“Ariana loves Mac and things are great between them,” the source close to the signer shared. In fact, the insiders gushed that they’ve discussed about marriage and finally planning a family together. “They are still young and are focusing on work right now.” Luckily, fans are reassured that Mac and Ariana are very much united after a photo of the couple surfaced at an Oscars after party.

ariana grande

Ariana shared a pic of a listening session with her whole team after the release of her 4th studio album. Anyhow, she hasn’t been on the scene around since then. So people are wildly guessing if she’s following the footsteps of Kylie Jenner? As in leaving social media suddenly due to pregnancy. So, the questions are rife is these speculations are true. Well, it’s a huge NO. 

Here’s the revelation, “Ariana’s break from social media has not been because she is hiding a pregnancy with her boyfriend [Mac Miller, 26], the way Kylie did,”an insider added “She just wants a healthy break from social media. When her new album and tour is ready to be announced, she will return with regular updates on her Twitter and Instagram.” The source puts emphasis thon the fact that the signer “is not secretly having Mac Miller’s baby,” continuing, “That’s not what’s going on.” 

Ariana is still on the verge of recovery from the tragic bombing at her concert that caused a massive loss of innocent fans at Manchester. “The incident has been difficult for her to overcome,” the source added.

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