Jaden Smith Shows-off his Toned-Abs in the Garden


Good looks run in the Smiths Genes. Jaden Smith accompanied his sister Willow Smith, 17, to plant trees together in the Laurel Canyon Park located in LA on Friday, February 16.  Know what kind of planting activity they did? Well, a mix of shovelling dirt and heavy lifting. Interesting, right? 

“In the daytime I’m Jaden Smith, but in the nighttime I’m Syre.” Jaden said.

Everyone who has been following Jaden knows how generously he gifts his fans a glimpse of his perfectly-toned abs. This time she went shirtless in the ripped physique. During 2016, the son of Hollywood legend Will Smith was observed posing a mirror selfie in a picture posted online from what people presume was a gym session. Talking about showering his fans with goodies, Jaden launched his new album, ‘SYRE’ in last November which became a roaring success with fans.

Jaden expressed his passion while saying, “I love Batman because in the daytime he’s Bruce Wayne, and in the nighttime he’s Batman,” adding further, “And I feel the exact same way because in the daytime I’m Jaden Smith, but in the nighttime I’m Syre — which is my middle name and the name of my album. That’s where I pull a lot of inspiration from — reminiscing on the past, thinking about the future, the world, about how far we’ve come with MSFTSrep, and everything that we’ve done.” 

Wow! This guy is making us go weak in the knees and giving guys some excruciating gumming inspiration with his chiselled physique. Jaden Smith is always paparazzi’s favourite for his friendly persona. What a nice family time to spend. 

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