Jennifer Aniston is single and ready to mingle with a ‘much younger man’


Well, someone seems to have moved on after a much-hyped separation. Yes, I am talking about Jennifer Aniston who is single and ready to mingle now. Jen was keeping low-profile after the split with ex Justin Theroux. However, a few days back she stepped out in sexy black outfit that gave her all the hype, yet again. 

Jen wouldn’t mind someone in thirties or a cougar.

After last news of celebrating Jimmy Kimmel’s wife birthday with her gang of friends, Jennifer seems to be moving out of post-separation grief.  I’m happy than ever to see her effervescence back. Well, if sources are to be believed Jennifer would be happy to be in a relationship with a ‘much younger man’ this time. 

jennifer aniston

An insider revealed the reason and her current feelings, “Jen doesn’t want to take her next relationship that seriously and just would like to have fun with someone without falling in love. She thinks if she was with a younger guy that she could achieve that because she feels a younger guy doesn’t want to settle down.” 

Whoa! As long as she’s happy in her paradise and getting over bitter residues of mutual separation, I’m happy for her. 

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