Justin Bieber rescues a woman at Coachella


Coachella is a very happening event to partake in. Guests witnessed a rare sight that many of us would love to see. Yes, the popular yet notorious crooner Justin Bieber did something quite contrary to his image. 

Justin Bieber punched a man at Coachella.

If the Coachella guests are to be believed, then ‘Never say never’ singer came to the rescue of a woman who was being strangled throat by a drugged man. You know what Justin did? He grabbed the accused and held him up against the wall and let the woman run away. justin bieber

The former flame of Selena Gomez was attending the party with a close friend on April 14 when the unidentified attacker who seemed to be under the influence of drugs attacked a woman.

The scene goes like this. Justin Bieber and his friend walked in to persuade the accused to stop hurting her. When his requests fell on deaf ears, the handsome singer punched the drugged guy on the face and held him up against the wall.

Security intervened and threw that man out of the party. That attacker was later taken into police custody for creating an ugly scene outside the party venue because he began following an SUV   that he presumed was Bieber’s . 

Wow. This act of care performed by Bieber totally made our day. 

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