Kangana gets one week bed rest due to injury on Manikarnika set


Kangana Ranaut has been known as fighter in the film industry. From standing up for her rights or a certain issue, she always tells her heart out and is honest about it. Essaying the role of Rani Laxmibai in Manikarnika, Kangana has been working day in  and day out to complete the shooting of the film. Unfortunately for the diva, the shooting isn't going as smooth as she may have wanted it to. Kangana returned to Mumbai yesterday evening after a ligament tear on her right leg.

Manikarnika is set to release on April 27, 2018

Known to take risks, Kangana spoke to a leading tabloid and told them that she was hoping to get injured. She said that 'It's been 60 days of action so far and after non-stop 30 nights of fighting armies with a baby hanging on my back, I was secretly hoping that I get hurt so that I could go back and hide in my house for some time.' While we’d never want the diva to get hurt, she’s currently been advised minimum a week’s bed rest to recuperate.

Kangana gets one week bed rest due to injury on Manikarnika set

That’s not all the diva spoke about. She also said that she’s glad the film’s shooting hasn’t come to an abrupt halt owing to her injury. She added, ‘I am delighted that Krish and crew are still working in Jodhpur while I am having my favourite cold coffee.’

We’ve always known the actress to take risks for her films, but seems like she’s going the extra mile to ensure she gets into the skin of the character. While we wish Kangana a speedy recovery, more power to this heroine.

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