Legendary actor Ian McKellan wants a fun-filled funeral


Funerals are presumed to be morose, monotonous and mournful, of course. But, here’s a Hollywood legend who wants his funeral to be joyful and fun-filled. Yes, no points for guessing, I’m talking about a seasoned actor Ian McKellen who has taken us by surprise. 

Ian McKellan is 78 years old.

Well, this piece of news is quite amusing for anyone to learn about. I’m sure you want more details. Here they are. The popular ‘Lord of The Rings’ star thinks of death, at times. 

ian mckellan

Talking about his forthcoming documentary, "McKellen: Playing The Part", the thespian has unleashed his funeral plans. He reveals that he wants his send-off to be quite a ‘celebratory’ memorial to be held in a theatre. 

"It would be free admission and I'd want a lot of beautiful people there. When I finished this plan I thought, 'Ooh, I'd love to go to that funeral', so I hope I might arrange a dress rehearsal before I go," he was quoted as saying.

Fret not, guys as the theatrical maverick is not really sinking into his final years.

"As I see other people getting decrepit and unable to work, I think, 'Well, that may well happen to me!'"

Well, that gives everyone an inspiration that ‘last moments of life can be made joyous for others to remember you with smile in their eyes and happiness in their heart’. 

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