Little Taimur corrects screaming paparazzi, tells them his name is Tim!


Most adored star kid, little Nawab Taimur Ali Khan is making headlines again. It’s no more surprising to say that Taimur loves when paparazzi screams his name while he waves at them almost everyday. Cutest baby of Bollywood is undoubtedly everybody’s favourite but since the time his parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan decided upon his name, it has been in the controversy. Apparently, Taimur was also a the name of a King back in 13th century who was the founder of Timurid Empire but Kareena cleared that air by saying his spellings (Timur) are different and the meaning of his name too.

Taimur Ali Khan was born on 20 December, 2016. 

This little munchkin loves being centre of attention and admires how crazy paparazzi go whenever he steps out of his house. But now we also know that Taimur Ali Khan is also very particular about his name. He already has an opinion that he doesn’t like when people call him Taimur. He rather likes to be called Tim!

Recently, this one and half year old handsome boy corrected  the paparazzi trying to catch a glimpse of him while he stepped down of the car with his care taker, “It’s Tim!” he shouted out to the shutterbugs calling his full name.

Watch it for yourself in the video link below:

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Yes everybody, Taimur is old fashioned and very boring; please address Taimur as Tim now onwards. Whether you agree or not, Saif and Kareena’s son is already a star and has won many hearts globally. Few months ago Saif and Kareena did reveal in an interview that they called him Tim at house. We guess little one likes it like that only. So we must obey his commands.

Taimur or Tim, whatever this junior Nawab wants to be called we can never get enough of him.

Stay tuned for more celebrity updates and meanwhile you can also go stalk Tim just like us!

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