Marvel's Black Panther premiered in Saudi's first ever theater!


Saudi Arabia has finally taken the first step towards change. In a country where women are not allowed to drive or wear short clothes, a first-of-its-kind luxurious theater has been inaugurated for entertaining the masses.

Black Panther bangs open the gate of entertainment for Saudi

At the inauguration, a private screening of Marvel's Black Panther took place which had limited invites. Despite being a private event, this theater will mark Saudi's first step towards a better tomorrow and being a women-empowered nation. 

A person who attended the screening Rahaf Alhendi said, “It’s a new era, a new age. It’s that simple. Things are changing, progress is happening. We’re opening up and we’re catching up with everything that’s happening in the world.” 

Authorities have confirmed that the public will be able to book tickets online from Thursday. But there could be some delay. However, still the movies have to go through the censor board of the country.

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